About Aya Eldighady

“What am I going to do after I graduate?”, “I am not going to be happy after I graduate,”, “It’s hard to get a job in my field of study,”, “I can’t get my dream job, I didn’t study for it in the university” All these worries and fears students expressed and thought about the working career after graduation.

I couldn’t help but notice them. It was 2010, I was finishing psychology studies in the faculty of Arts. So I started thinking and analyzing why people would think this way, and how we can be ready for the next step after graduation.

Soon after, I came up with an answer.

If these people could find someone to guide them to their suitable field, to their interests, and to their potentials of skills, at an early stage of education. Think of all the efforts and tiresome that can be saved into a better suiting career and lifestyle.

Here, I found my true passion in life after answering only one question: “How can people be happy, successful, and satisfied with their career life?”

It all started back in 2010, my graduation year. Blissfully think of how excited my peers are to finally graduate, land their dream jobs, and become the person they have always dreamed of. Or that’s what I was thinking.

However, what I noticed was completely different! 

They looked confused, with disorganized thoughts and many questions with no answers. 

“What am I going to do now?”  “Is that the right career for me?” “What are my next steps?” “I’m not ready yet.” 

For many students, maybe the majority, their career future was a mysterious part. And the fear over beaten hope!

I couldn’t help but notice all this and ask myself in return, “what is the missing piece that makes all the negative, fearful thoughts vanish?

About Aya Eldighady

That passion got me started with my first step into the field of Career Counseling. I received an international accreditation from NCDA in the United States, by studying and practicing over 2800 hours. Thus, I became one of 2000 persons accredited as GCDF from NCDA all over the world.

For six years, I have provided Career Counseling for many individuals inside and outside Egypt as well.

As for projects, I have participated in the first Career Counseling project in Egypt named “Meshwary” aka “My way”, under the supervision of UNICEF. Through this project, we established Career Counseling centers in 10 governorates, benefiting 54000 beneficiaries.

Also, I designed the first Arabic Curriculum in Career Development, that was presented to over 500 young adults in 7 governorates in Egypt, under the supervision of a Ahmed Mostafa Foundation for Career Development and Ministry of Youth and Sports

In addition, I participated in training 2500 Syrian refugees in Egypt. The project was funded and implemented by UNHCR, to provide training about “Working Culture and Career Development”.

As Career Counseling is an essential part of education in general, my most important step was participating in international schools project, whereas the international schools in Alexandria would be preparing to earn international accreditation in applying the 21st century strategy by PISA, assuring that the future generations will have the awareness and their career knowledge to help them in reach the work/life satisfaction in the future.

My true happiness grows as I see children, students and also adults happy with what they are doing, aware of themselves and their potentials.

This is My Dream, I share with you.

I hope you can see it through in you and your family and friends