One to one consulting

One to One Career Counseling

  • Students Career Counseling:

    Pre-graduation is one of the most important stages in which students can make a decision about their future careers whether by choosing the right university or choosing the appropriate job after graduation. Here they need professional counseling and guidance as a means to explore their potential careers and develop a practical plan to succeed in their chosen career.

  • Adults career Counseling:

    We often find out after graduation that our perception of the right university for us was not accurate, Not suitable for our character and our professional values, or because we simply did not have the same awareness and foresight of ourselves and our potentials. Professional Career Counseling helps you know all the alternatives you can To better choose the most suitable job for you to achieve success.

  • Counseling for Career Change:

    One of the most difficult decisions a person can make is to change his or her career after a period of work in a field that he/she recently discovered that does not suit him and does not make him happy even if it is financially rewarding. Here, career counseling helps you to move to a new job that is successful and not an unsafe adventure Consequences.

  • Online Career Counseling:

    Many of the sciences and lectures can be attended or accessed online remotely because of technological advances, the Internet, social media, and career counseling within those areas where you can get specialized online career counseling.