What People Say About Aya

Aya El-Dighady is enrolled in one of my GCDF program in Egypt 2010. As part of my professional relation with my GCDF students, I do some mentoring and observation as they do their development activities and services. Aya is one of those GCDFs who I proudly had on my class. I remember that she had an outstanding performance.

She also worked with me in different projects, she was one of the research and development team who worked on developing a lot of programs, and content. And she assisted me in delivering serval programs for the UNICEF, and other organizations. And she is doing very good job in providing career development service in Egypt and remotely to other countries in the region.

Recently, Aya authored Arabic career development articles to be published on official government portal in KSA;

I would always recommend Aya to provide career development service, as she is one of few young professionals who work with passion and always eager to maintain the highest standard and quality of her deliverables.

Ahmed Mostafa Kamal

International Career Development Advisor Career Development Director, Olou – KSA UNICEF Consultant Assistant Executive Director for the Career Development Network & Director of Mena Operation (San Jose, CA) CRG Sole Licensed Associate in the MENA region NCDA Affiliate, & Leader MENA distributor for the career assessment instruments from Career Research & Testing, Inc Founder & CEO of AM Foundation for Career Development